(All the things that you could have missed.) 

Tech takes two to tango. Our side and your side. Here's a list of things our users have experienced and then said, "My Bad." Remember PATIENCE is KEY!  Again Patience and breathe. You can do this! 

1.  Use a device with a big screen.

* Streamstock's Video Chat Virtual VenYou works BEST on a Laptop or Desktop using Chrome Browser. (Chrome Browser is a MUST if you're a Purchasing Host.)  

TIP: Your phone has a small screen so you will need to turn it horizontally to see your friends. You're better off on a bigger device if possible or webcast it to your big screen. 

2. How is your internet speed? 

* (There is a Speed test on the GroupView FAQ). Check your internet speed before the event. 

(*Using an Ethernet cable hardwired into your modem will give you a clear stream especially if you are the Purchasing Host.)


3.  Do you have another camera sharing program on?

* Make sure to quit out of all other Camera sharing programs, (i.e. Zoom, etc.)  

 Wait! Do you have a Camera on your device at all?!!!

* A Camera is a MUST in order for your friends to see you! Make sure your device has a Camera. 


4. How strong is your internet connection?

* Is someone in the house online using a different device? Tell the kids to give the Xbox or PS5 a break. Go outside...You're watching your show with your friends!

5. Do you have Antivirus software installed?

* It may be interfering. Turn it off.

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