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How Streamstock's Groupviewing  Works:

Streamstock's Groupview Viewing Pro Tips: 
  • Host Room: For you and up to 5 friends

**NOTE: The Room Host must start the room before friends can sign-in. The party can't start without YOU!

  • Invite your Guests

    • Each Video chat party room can have up to 6 Users (Host + 5 Friends) 

1. Host, Sign-in and start up room
2. Then selects Invite Friends (A Unique INVITE LINK is generated)
3. Copy & Send INVITE LINK to your friends

  • Click Guide to Select LIVE Show or Channels to select 24/7 prerecorded hot music streams! 

  • Enjoy the Show! - Watch with your friends. Don't be shy to use the features such as Mute.STFU Buttons and Click to talk vs. Sound on when your friends are taking turns chatting. 

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