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How It Works:

Watch Streamstock
on the Go
(Solo View)

Watch With Friends
(Video Chat)

Streamstock is
Now Mobile
(Phones, Tablets) (Solo View) 
Cast to your TV 
Streamstock GroupView
(Available Only on Desktop or Laptop)
Pro Tips: 
  • Host Room: For you and up to 5 friends

**NOTE: The Room Host must start the room before friends can sign-in. The party can't start without YOU!

  • Invite your Guests

    • Each Video chat party room can have up to 6 Users (Host + 5 Friends) 

1. Host, Sign-in and start up room
2. Then selects Invite Friends (A Unique INVITE LINK is generated)
3. Copy & Send INVITE LINK to your friends

  • Click Guide to Select LIVE Show or Channels to select 24/7 prerecorded hot music streams! 

  • Enjoy the Show! - Watch with your friends. Don't be shy to use the features such as Mute.STFU Buttons and Click to talk vs. Sound on when your friends are taking turns chatting. 

© 2020 by Streamstock, Inc. 

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