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(GroupView Free experience ended 9.25.23 but Demo's are available upon request.)

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David Gans LIVE Daily Stream
4:00PM PST  / 7:00PM EST
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(NOTE: These are only still images of the links that are available in Streamstock's player. You must start Streamtock to view content. 
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by Rose

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* The Phish live webcast will air in the OUR PICKS tab of Streamstock when the official stream goes live.

But Here's what's also in OUR PICKS and available 24/7 for your and your crew to watch on demand.  

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Thank You!
That was fun!


In Episode two of Terry Haggerty's Mycelium Guitar Terry is joined by his friends Roger McNamee, Bob Bralove & David Gans for a truly unique and transformative experience.


As you and your friends sign in to Streamstock and greet each other, a visual slideshow will welcome you. Vintage posters set to the Sons of Champlin song "Follow Your Heart", an unreleased spoken word version done by the legendary Lester Chambers, accompanied by Terry Haggerty's masterful guitar work. You won't want to miss this!
















Terry Haggerty is a renowned musician, composer, and innovator who has been at the forefront of experimental music while also preserving rare cannabis genetics for over five decades. He is a dedicated Cannabis horticulturist who has contributed to the preservation and advancement of the cannabis industry through his expertise in plant breeding and genetics.

Haggerty's Mycelium Guitar project is a groundbreaking exploration of the relationship between music and nature, showcasing his ability to seamlessly integrate his passions. Episode 2 promises to be a truly unique and transformative experience for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of music and the natural world.

So join us on March 30th at 5PM PDT for an unforgettable viewing experience in Streamstock.TV. And the best part? It's all completely FREE!

And that's not all. Stick around after the show or come back anytime and check out Terry Haggerty's Archive of past video performances, which is changed out periodically. There's always something new and exciting to discover.

We hope to see you on March 30th at 5PM PDT for this exciting premiere of Terry Haggerty's Mycelium Guitar Episode 2! 

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Backwards Down

All Available video links IN ONE PLACE...

YEMSG 2022 was off the hook and I am fresh off a four night run that has my mind still a flutter with the Back to the Future trip Phish took us on. So, inspired by this backwards down the number line experience, Streamstock has compiled almost every single Phish New Years Eve gag and put them in the

OUR PICKS Tab of Streamstock.

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Check out the shows Streamstock produced during the pandemic


Shooting The Shit

With Guberman & Gans

With Episodes Featuring 

Robin Sylvester of Ratdog

Gary Lambert from SiriusXM's Tales From The Golden Road

Denise Parent from Brown Eyed Women

Jeff Mattson of Dark Star Orchestra

A Hagalicious Interview

with Terry Haggerty

of Hagalicious Cannabis & also 

Shredder from rock group Sons of Champlin 

KPFA Dead to the World Marathon special performance from Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon


Guberman & Gans from David's Front Lawn

Past Live Performance Streams
(Check back for rewebacast)
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2/26/22 SATURDAY
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