What to Expect in a 

Streamstock Experience

The Streamstock Experience is an online party with your friends

1. Purchasing Host starts the Video Chat VenYou and Invited Guests Sign-in

* Purchasing Hosts can start room 15 min. prior to 'official' room start time. 

* Have patience. If you're having tech issues or need help troubleshooting your device settings, go to the GroupView FAQ to help troubleshoot. (You have about a half hour to figure it out while we run the Pre-Show Slideshows.) 

(Streamstock.TV highly recommends testing the player and your device days prior to the show. To arrange a personal tour of the VenYou contact Rose at Streamstock2017@gmail.com)

2. Friends Hangout and pregame as Slide Show Begins (RT 1/2 Hour) 

3. "Public Lobby" Option 

*Purchasing Host has the option to "Make Room Public" by clicking button at top of screen   

*Miracle Friends and see what it's like when strangers stop strangers.  

*Purchasing host also has the option to boot invited guests from the room. They can just hover over the guests screen and a circle with an X will appear. Choose wisely, if you click it that friend will be gone! 

4. The Featured Program Begins 

LIVE SHOW or Pre Taped Exclusive

5. Post Show - Hang with your friends a special guest might pop in for a virtual backstage hang like none other.